Caleb Mabrey - 'Bad Blood' & 'Good of it All'

Caleb Mabrey shares resentment-free 80s retro pop on ‘Bad Blood’ and dazzling indie electronic influences on smooth new groove, ‘Good of it All’.

Originally written as a singer-songwriter track, Caleb Mabrey has built on an americana inflected sound and heartfelt storytelling with 80s retro influences on ‘Bad Blood’. From its nostalagic synth drenched intro, 80s drum patterns and retro grooving guitar to its sparser, ambient and evocative vocal-led verses, ‘Bad Blood is a song that becomes increasingly more thrilling as it develops.

Despite some of the more emotive reflection in its lyrical theme and the way the track teases between its slow-burning and fuller dynamics, ‘Bad Blood’ simmers with a warm, tingly mellowness that makes all your troubles melt away . And no troubles is what Mabrey wants on the affirming chorus, “I don’t have no bad blood, stop making it look like I have some” which is relatable for anyone who has ever been in conflict with someone who has tried to project their own negativity onto you.

This is an intimate track, pulsating with passion which reaches fever pitch intensity on its hugely exciting climax, roaring with full retro rock intensity as Mabrey’s vocal becomes more digitalised and affected alongside blistering arrangements, with special attention to an awesome retro guitar solo. This is the kind of song that has you hooked not only on the vocal melody, but will have you humming along to the euphoria of the instrumental/ synth melodies.

Be sure to check out Mabrey’s new single ‘Good of it All’ as well; a dense and rich indie electronic song with sees the sultry mantra “we could be the good of it all” piercing through the swirling ambience of the song’s crisp, eclectic production.

Words of Karla Harris

‘Good of it All’ and ‘Bad Blood’ will feature on Caleb Mabrey’s upcoming album "in the spaces" which debuts in late 2019.