Album Review: Mallory Knox - 'Mallory Knox'


Renowned rockers Mallory Knox are back with their fourth studio album, the self-titled ‘Mallory Knox’.

A mainstay of rock music, flitting between genres like a dragonfly between ponds — emphasis on dragon, with their fiery riffs, roaring vocals and ferocious live presence — Mallory Knox are no strangers to releasing good music. Despite having mellowed slightly since their post-hardcore days, particularly with the almost experimental third offering ‘Wired’, ‘Mallory Knox’ proves that Mallory Knox are still at the forefront of rock.

It would be unfair to call the album revolutionary, or to say it changes the face of music. But it’s an album done in their way. Bassist and lead vocalist Sam Douglas explains: “If we were to stop right now, this is the album that I would show people that best represents us... we have done everything completely our way.” This comes as the first album as a four piece, after the departure of former lead vocalist Mikey Chapman — an important release to re-affirm their identity as a band and to show fans who they are.

Ultimately, the best music isn’t that which tries to copy trends and genres, or which purposefully set out to break boundaries or rock the boat. Rather, it’s music that is intrinsic to that band; music that the band created for themselves and that they can be proud of. And if other people like it too? All the better; and in this case, it’s unavoidable. Between the riff and distortion heavy Livewire, the raucous and catchy ‘Psycho Killer’, the dark fury of ‘Wherever’, or the anthemic ‘Livewire’, it’s impossible not to enjoy the album.

Words by James O’Sullivan