Girl Band - 'Going Norway'


Dublin’s Girl Band share the second single off of their forthcoming second album The Talkies (September 27th via Rough Trade Records). Confrontational like the frantic panic a person gets when standing up to discover their left foot has gone to sleep, Going Norway is a mindfully pronoun-less container built to stack chaos upon chaos whilst keeping your love for chorded dissonance at an intangible temperature.

Brushing off the aftertaste of a four-year long hiatus only to uncover an un-ignorable ulcer of numbed might, Girl Band once again remind all that ultimately, they’re the undisputed kings of the highly volume-d and intelligently intensive playground. “Going Norway was one of the first tracks we finished,” explains vocalist Dara Kiely, “I came across this quote from the Buddha which was ‘Nothing is to be clung to as I, me or mine’ - and I removed all that in a way to kind of find an abstract world to live in”

As a four piece this group works repetitive magnificence to the point of attentive exhaustion but, it is arguably near impossible to ignore Alan Duggan droning guitar dazed-ly with the same uncontrollable energy as a teenager desperately trying to keep their eyelids open after a week-long night crammer. With the remaining members following to a similar charred suit, Going Norway is a communicatively complicated racket that only lends to great anticipation for the full record release. 

Words by Al Mills

USA Dates

Oct 2nd - Chicago - Beat Kitchen
Oct 4th - Allston, MA - Great Scott
Oct 5th - Philly, PA - Boot and Saddle
Oct 6th - Washington, DC - Songbyrd
Oct 8th - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere

UK/ EU Dates
Nov 2nd - Manchester - Academy 2
Nov 5th - London - Electric Ballroom
Nov 7th - Brussels - Botanique (Sold Out)
Nov 8th - Utrecht - Le Guess Who? 2019
Nov 12th - Nov 14th - Paris - La Maroquinerie
Nov 14th - Berlin - Bi Nuu
Nov 22nd - Dublin - Vicar Street (Sold Out)
Nov 23rd - Dublin - Vicar Street