girlhouse - 'a lot'

girlhouse pleasantly combine balmy dream pop and lo fi indie rock with an unexpected twist on satisfying genre-bending single, ‘a lot’.

Opening with off-kilter lofi beats and balmy guitar tones, 'a lot’ saunters into its blissful vocal melody with a dream poppy Warpaint allure that is instantly calming. While led by a tight crisp Fleetwood Mac-esque groove, ‘a lot’ oozes a nostalgia that pleasantly washes over its listener setting them at ease on the breezy yet assertive hook, “you think about me a lot”.

But girlhouse have a huge surprise for their listener. ‘a lot’ sees a different sonic direction in the second half of the song as it climaxes into a lofty, energetic instrumental that shimmers and bellows with majestic post-rock-esque excellence. Then just like that, girlhouse swiftly and skilfully fall back into the laid back groove that we know and love from the first half of the song.

With very little information available, girlhouse seem to be just starting to make themselves visible under this moniker and are currently letting their music do the talking for them. Luckily, their songs are conversations well worth having and their Soundcloud page screams of promise.

Words of Karla Harris