Deportees - 'Covered In Dreams'

Award-winning Swedish band Deportees share the powerful visuals for ‘Covered In Dreams' which is a soul-stirring blast of soothing indie rock.

Blanketed in tight, brooding, atmospherics falling somewhere between Editors and The National, ‘Covered In Dreams’ is a moody yet comforting night light of a tune offering hope, love and reassurance during life’s darkest times. Lead singer Peder Stenberg’s vocal rings out clear and true, smoothly serenading his listener with emotional support in the lyrics, “even when you say that you don’t matter, I am here to tell you that you matter, even when you think it is over I am here to tell you its not over” amidst crisp percussive rhythms courtesy of Thomas Hedlund and the woozy guitar tones of Anders Stenberg.

On the track Stenberg explains "There is a type of person that gets rarer by the day. A useless yet completely vital being that somehow has managed to maintain his or her capability to see beyond the given. This song is about the promise to keep this very someone forever covered in dreams."  

While narratively driven, ‘Covered In Dreams’ also makes use of instrumental breaks tinged in swirling , wonky, shoegazey and spacey tones, seeing Deportees utilise the space to offer their listener relief and escapism in its word-free segments while also drawing on subtle cinematic ambience. 'Covered In Dreams' is taken from Deportees’ forthcoming album 'All Future', which is out on October 11. ‘Covered In Dreams’ is accompanied by equally beautiful visuals as Deportees hit home the message that a little bit of understanding and intimacy goes a long way; the perfect lullaby made to mend melancholic hearts.

Words of Karla Harris