Mitch Sanders - 'Motherland'

Bristol based artist Mitch Sanders introduces himself with an impressive DIY ethos on self produced and released indie rock debut single, ‘Motherland’.

’Motherland’ sees 21 year old Mitch Sanders and his band build on a foundation of classic rock influences, layering the track with a contemporary mainstream sensibility without losing its individuality and edge. Opening with a singalong “woah woah ohh ohhs”, ‘Motherland’ begins showing off Sanders smokey, bluesy rock vocal, instantly drawing comparisons to the impassioned grit of Sam Fender.

In terms of the instrumentation, Sanders and his band (Kit Lavis on Guitar, Henry Sergeant on Bass and Alex Gibbs on Drums) create a dense, ambient atmosphere which moves at a laid-back mysterious pace that reminded me of Gorillaz circa ‘Clint Eastwood’. Sanders doesn’t let his listener get too comfortable, upping the intensity on the chorus to see the band meet his vocal delivery with a similar sense of urgency, tapping into a more gutsy energy with roaring rock guitars and throbbing drums.

’Motherland’ is a dynamically savvy track which shows off spacious arrangements and tighter, rockier band sounds, suspensefully building and falling into organised disarray. A thrilling and robust introduction that determinedly puts Mitch Sanders on the map for artists to keep a very close eye on.

Words of Karla Harris