Night Traveller - 'Electric Love'

Night Traveller bring ‘Electric Love’ on swoony 80s influenced indie pop tune.

’Electric Love’ is a lights down low, mellow 80’s retro groove that reminds you of the magic of loving someone intensely. It’s an angst-free, no drama nostalgia drenched tune led by a beautiful shivery vocal that floats up from atmospheric drum beats, ambient synth and hazy guitars. Sure, there’s a cliche feeling to the song that makes you think of 80s inspired American prom first dance montages, but there’s a simplicity to it that feels pure and heart-warming as opposed to tedious and overdone.

As per its influences, Night Traveller let loose with an 80s retro rock instrumental in the second half of the song that sparkles and sears with raw passion. This is a thoughtfully crafted song, smouldering with affection and sincerity, simply begging its listener to believe in the beauty of real connections. An electrifying listen from start to finish.

Words of Karla Harris