Gabrielle Aplin & JP Cooper - 'Losing Me'


Gabrielle Aplin and JP Cooper are ethereal pop veterans in their own rights. The coming together of two poetically aligned minds makes for the kind of listening that tugs on the heart strings, and hits you right in the feels, all the while lifting you up with an element of hope.

Velveteen vocals from the pair create a sonically plush safe-room for your feelings. ‘Losing Me’ is that all-too-necessary dose of disarming pop that is needed after a heavy bank holiday weekend when you’re digging into your pockets of self-loathing. Whether struggling from mental health issues, or just plain exhausted with life; ‘Losing Me’ is about wanting to hide your pain and struggles from someone even though they’re wholly accepting in all of the negative aspects of yourself, and give you nothing but love and warmth.

The single is taken from Gabrielle Aplin’s upcoming third album. The two musicians come together in such an effortless way, to the point where I would love to see them collaborate in the way that Dallas Green and Pink did, for ‘You + Me’. Of the song, Aplin says: “‘Losing Me’ is about what you wish you could hear when you’re having a particularly hard time, while also being that voice to someone else who needs it. It’s about remaining connected when there is so much in modern life that can give the illusion of oneness whilst making us feel more alone.”

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly