Joesef - 'Dont Give In'


It’s what Joesef leaves out of new track Don’t Give In that’s as impressive as what he puts in.

Staying true to the fundamentals of bedroom pop; a spacious, restrained instrumental, consisting of a mellow drumbeat and wistful guitar notes, are a canvas decorated by Joesef’s dreamy vocals which really shine thanks to the sparsity of the song. His voice is clean, smooth and ultimately thoughtful. And, although he never gets out of second gear on the track, this is intelligent and with purpose, happy to cruise along slowly and enjoy the ride.  

He may write, record and produce in his bedroom, but pop this is not. The song has obvious influences from Motown soul, jazz and hip hop, creating something unique yet somewhat familiar.  The lyrics are emotionally honest and open; a depiction of losing the one he loves to someone else, tinged in the vulnerability of such a situation.

Surely destined for greatness, this track is a heavyweight punch showing the greatness Joesef is capable of. Absolutely one to catch live before he inevitably blows up.

Words by Jarrad Saul

Debut London show – September 20th @ Omeara