The Post Romantics - 'Ride'

Photo credit: Kara Moon

Photo credit: Kara Moon

Liverpool four-piece The Post Romantics explore love, lust and manipulation on sultry, dark R&B-infused rock single, ‘Ride’.

Last year The Post Romantics made a solid introduction for themselves with their self-released debut single ‘Call It Off’ showing off a slick blend of hip hop beats, sultry vocals and moody atmospheric guitars. Recorded at Motor Museum in Liverpool with Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon) and hip-hop producer Cal Cowie, ‘Ride’ sees the band dig deeper on their take of brooding alternative pop as they douse smooth yet angsty rnb and hip hop influences in lashings of atmospheric rock to fully capture the intensity and dangerous allure of destructive, addictive, love.

On the track, vocalist Connor Cockbain explains, “You always hurt the ones you love most. It’s an old saying but it still rings true. Or, at least it does for me… I feel like every relationship I’ve had has started in a whirlwind of lust, and eventually dissolved into two people taking turns to mess with the other’s emotions. Once that initial intensity subsides, all you’re left with is two people who don’t really know how to love themselves, never mind someone else. We wrote this track because we wanted to talk about how hard it is to want to be with someone when, deep down, you know it’s not healthy. You never know whether you should stay and fight for it, or just leave it all in the rearview and never look back”.

’Ride’ is a tension building tune that suspensefully takes its time strapping its listener in for a bumpy ride, skirting with cinematic influences to give a smouldering look into the most shadowy, blazing, parts of a dysfunctional love affair that desperately needs to burn out.

Words of Karla Harris

The Post Romantics are vocalist Connor Cockbain, guitarist Cameron Cockbain, bassist Liam Cockbain, and drummer Sam Barton.