The Babe Rainbow - 'Many Moons Of Love'


Say the words Babe Rainbow and guaranteed a smile will be brought to each and every aura sparkled particle to grace this planet human or otherwise; we’re also talking trees, peas and bees naturally. 

Many Moons of Love is the latest single from the Byron Bay based boys and is taken from Today, their third album / celestial body of musical grounding of which is due for release on September 6th (30th Century Records). Clear any bad vibes, negative energy and general grump surrounding you with this essential mood maker. A cushioned drum boogie leads the path down lanes of sunflower-ed harmonies and dazzling bliss out airiness whilst, lead vocalist Angus, has the same breezed energy as that of a super wholesome art teacher. Huskily brushing messages of luna love for all, himself and his band of merry spirit-shifters decorate our souls with idyllic paisley whilst comfortingly smudging over every crack and grey surface of the universe. 

Then there’s the clapping. You can’t have a Babe Rainbow track without some level of cheered clap and boy does this not disappoint. Two minutes in and whoosh our minds are flying through lemongrass scented instrumentals that purify and beam like a stain glass window of the heart. 

If good vibrations is your calling, or Delilah be your name, then Many Moons of Love is for you. 

Words by Al Mills