STORME - 'Queen'

Swedish fronted dream pop duo
STORME regains power after a toxic relationship on transfixing electronic single, ‘Queen’.

STORME cover several different sonic terrains on their pilgrimage of self empowerment on current single, ‘Queen’. You can feel the heat and the sting of deserts in its dusty bass heavy synth, touch the branches of trees exploring new paths, hear the trickling of waterfalls and the rush of the wind in your ears on the upward climb out of the metaphorical abyss, and taste the expansiveness of freedom from the tips of mountain tops as the explorative soundscapes relishes release and relief in spiritual echoing wails.

In terms the verses are brooding seeing STORME wrap their listener in dark, evocative lyricism and mysterious atmospherics, there’s an ethereal mysticism to vocalist Amanda Liedberg’s compelling vocal and that touches upon art pop legends like Bjork and Kate Bush with a touch of the Sia’s about it. The chorus wriggles into a chugging 80’s tinged airy, euphoric danceable hook which would sit nicely alongside contemporary synth pop acts like Chvrches and Robyn, representing the sense of liberation found in the lyrical theme as Liedberg explains:

”’Queen ‘is inspired by the worst day of my life. I realized I'd suffered enough, my eyes were dry and I was ready to walk away from a toxic relationship. With this song, I could let my frustration out - but also regain my power. It’s a sort of goodbye letter, with a twist”.

’Queen’ is an intelligently crafted cut of electronic pop that not only resonates on a human level but takes you on an imaginative journey to exotic places through its vivid imagery and and connects you with the power of natures elements in its potent sonic textures. A fascinating and thrilling listening from start to finish with a firm reminder to celebrate your self-worth!

Words of Karla Harris