The Artist Explains: Chloé Caroline - 'Forgive Me'


Pop artist Chloe Caroline provides us with a fantastic throwback to the 90s with her new single ‘Forgive Me’, out now via AWAL. She took a moment to go into more depth about the track. 

Your track 'Forgive Me' is out now, what is the meaning behind the title? 
It's a sarcastic apology to society for being a human being, and also to myself for knowing I will never 100% be able to live up to even my own expectations for who I want to be. 

What is the inspiration behind the song?
I was having a bad day for no reason at all, I just felt very down. I'm normally very positive and always smiling, so I honesty felt like I'd be letting people down or would hear comments if I didn't put on a grin. Sometimes you can put on your big girl pants and move forward and other times you just can't. But either way, we shouldn't have to feel pressure to only show one version of ourselves just to make everyone else content. Mental health cannot be overlooked when it's part of what makes us functioning humans. 

Where was the track recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories you are happy to share with us?
It was recorded in Nashville at Sound Emporium with Jamie Houston, who produced it. My favorite behind the scene moment would probably be when I first started writing it with my friends Lydia and Joe. I needed people to confide in that day and they were there. I thought I had finished recording my album but after that day knew I needed to record this one and add it. 

What do you hope your listeners take from the song?
I hope they feel solace in knowing that they are allowed to feel and let down their guard. That they have a friend in me. I also hope they take it to heart in how they perceive those around them, that it makes them want to be more empathetic and accepting. 

Now the track is out there, what's next? What are your plans for the next few months?
After the Forgive Me video comes out, there's another song on its way ready to go and another after that! I plan on releasing the rest of my record and getting ready to share even newer CC material with the world. Hopefully live in person too! 

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