Josh Lee Hamilton - 'The Lament'

Australian singer-songwriter, Josh Lee Hamilton pleas for mercy on atmospheric indie folk song, ‘A Lament’.

Produced and recorded with Garrett Kato in Byron Bay, Australia, Josh Lee Hamilton threads solitary islandic folk vibes through turbulent indie textures to create a brooding and contemplative song haunted by feelings of regret and a desire for redemption. It’s a heavily atmospheric and intimate confessional of a song that does exactly what the name suggests as Hamilton feels the walls closing in on him and laments, “I’m crying for some mercy now… I’ve let you down, but can you help me out”.

On the track Hamilton explains, “I wrote this song in one of the hardest seasons of my life. The song is about owning your wrongs and reaching out for help while in the thick of it”.

In terms of sonic influences, you can hear hues of Ben Howard at his most moody and introspective, but as the track suspensefully builds, it soon changes tone, becoming more rhythmic and optimistic, embracing an indie folk danceability that can be seen in previous Hamilton tracks such as ‘With the Wind’. A nice juxtaposition to Hamilton’s weary and ethereal vocal hums. Hamilton also falls in line alongside acts like Vance Joy and Hollow Cove with his heartfelt, sandy, surf-infused sound to bury his burdens in as he searches for catharsis and second chances.

Words of Karla Harris