Sun Arcana - 'Hard To be Around'


In their latest single, Essex quartet Sun Arcana are experimenting with their sound and unashamedly not committing to any musical genre as they're open to change in shaping who they are.

‘Hard To Be Around’ sees the band exploring their alt-rock roots and delving into deeper lyrical content. Exploring the feelings of not feeling confident but knowing there will be brighter days, vocalist Tom Harper-Ward says the song is about “getting stressed and having a lot of anxiety, but I know things will get better.” 

Feeling like being in a band gives himself enough pressure to be “a mess” it’s about acknowledging the temporary nature of the situation. “I know you’re sick of waiting” accepts that not everybody will be understanding of the situation you’ve found yourself in. Sun Arcana’s specific touch of powerhouse vocals mixed with insistent rock allows them to live through a dynamism that has the potential to fill the shoes of their peers like Mallory Knox. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly

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