YOWL – ‘Mammalian Fondness’


A dissection of modern culture that we can all relate to.

‘Mammalian Fondness’ is the first release ahead of YOWL’s upcoming EP Atrophy. And it’s certainly an interesting one. Clocking in at nearly six minutes long, ‘Mammalian Fondness’ opens with an introspective lo-fi sound before the bass comes in to lift the song. Vocalist Gabriel Byrde “takes on masculine boardrooms, career prospects, advertising people” with his witty and relatable lyrics. He is able to write beautifully worded poetry that stems from the frustration and mundanity of 9-5 life. And YOWL nail it here.

However, if you’re not too interested in clever and relevant lyrics that dissect modern culture and just enjoy good music, you’re in luck. ‘Mammalian Fondness’ is a mid-tempo indie post-punk that mixes traditional pop music with, well, some weirdness. For instance, the high vocal lines in the chorus contrast wonderfully against Byrde’s usual baritone voice. This is counteracted by two fuzzed up, electronic frenzied alien squealing solos. They are reminiscent of Bowie’s late 70s/early 80s period, especially where Robert Fripp’s guitar work was featured.

If you’re already a fan of YOWL, ‘Mammalian Fondness’ won’t disappoint. It’s different to previous releases, which proves that they are developing as songwriters and musicians, but you can still tell this is a YOWL song. If you haven’t listened to YOWL, then you’re in for a treat.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst


25th - So Young Presents..., Brixton
26th - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
27th - Chunk, Leeds 
1st - Moth Club, London 
19th - Hip Priest Festival, Glasgow

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