Will Joseph Cook - 'The Dragon'


Will Joseph Cook may not want to be ‘The Dragon’ in his new single, but he’s breathing fire regardless.

The track is hot. It’s a quirky, alternative pop single that harks back to geek chic, with an angular, decimal-pointed pre-chorus added after a geometric sounding hook. Not quite maths rock, but with elements of the once heralded genre; if someone told you the track was produced on a secondary school calculator using sound effects from a GCSE music keyboard, you’d believe them. And this is in the best possible way. The song is incredibly unique, infectious and fun.

The maths vibe to the song perfectly complements the message of failing to grasp the political climate but knowing you don’t like what you’re seeing. With lyrics such as ‘Never seen the amazon, just know it’s almost gone,’ it’s apparent Will knows the facts but not the solution, and so setting this message in a glistening, shimmery alt-pop song is perfect to show the surface level in which we so often operate.

Will Joseph Cook’s single is vital and it is now, and if nothing else, The Dragon is a brilliant bop.

Words by Jarrad Saul

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