In Conversation With: IYVES


Soulful singer/songwriter IYVES has just dropped her infectiously fun new single ‘My Way’, a track about owning your own individuality and loving your unique self. She took a moment to talk to us in more depth about the track. 

Your new single ‘My Way’ is out now, can you tell us what the track is about? 
'My Way' is all about embracing your individuality and just being unapologetically you. I wanted to write a song that was anthemic and strong yet, felt light and uplifting. 

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories you are happy to share from the recording process?
This song was recorded at Lucas Hass's studio, the producer of 'My Way'. It was one of those songs that really just wrote itself. We laid down the rhythm section first and added some a bunch of fun percussion layers. We used snippets of hmms or vocal moments that were unintentionally recorded to enhance the groove as well. This was the first track I had a whole horn section record. It was so special to hear it all come to life. 

Given the content of the song, do you feel their is a lot of authenticity in the music industry? Or is it more in the opposite direction? 
I feel like with any industry in entertainment you will come across people, music, campaigns etc that feel inauthentic but, the art that seems to always persevere and speak the loudest are consistently coming from true and authentic places. An artist that is currently doing really well with this is Lizzo. She is so unapologetically herself. She has become a voice for so many and has found a way to give a voice for so many to celebrate themselves and own who they are.

‘My Way’ was used by Todd Snyder, a menswear based in NYC, as part of their pride campaign earlier this year, how did that partnership come about? And how do you feel your song connected with that they were trying to say with their campaign? 
This was such a fun campaign to have 'My Way' in. Their whole message was "Make it (fill in the blank). They had all major LGTBQ activists, actors, designers and more speak a bit about their own experiences in the world and how they make things their own way.  The message of the Todd Snyder campaign in tandem with My Way worked so perfectly!

Now the single is out there, what next? What are your plans for the next few months? 
I have a bunch of songs in the works. I am very excited for this next era of music - I feel lot of growth in my writing and ability to share my stories and experiences. I have plan on playing shows come late fall/early winter as well. 

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