Album Review: Strange Cages - 'Pop Therapy'

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No use in hanging around as Brighton’s Strange Cages release the long-awaited Pop Therapy (in collaboration with Acid Box). Restlessly sparkling like squeezing into a pair of slightly too tight, kaleidoscopic sequined suit pants; you’ve gotta lurch and heave and then suck in your breathe a bit to earn the right to groove alongside this sharp four piece. 

A record of ten equal-weighted blisters, Pop Therapy is one freak out after another of which with the added load of scuzz gives you a real slow healer. Previously released single Dance Like An Alpha Male is a relentlessly driven track- the fevered kind in which only the finest of leather dandy stompin’ boots will give you the right kind of support and then you’ll want to kick them off anyway in a state of succumbed stamina. Picture attempting to catch a psychedelic winged mosquito using only the crushed roof of an empty red-bull can (in the dark) and you might get our drift. This number spritzes and it buzzes with the most intoxicating of caffeinated garage bites and eternal addictiveness minus the comedown.

Where some bands use an albums halfway-mark-track to take a bit of a breather, Strange Cages seem to keep on rollin’ along their own compass. Consistently ‘keeping edges on fire’ is a tough accomplishment for any act to maintain yet here they are smashing things up and we’re still nowhere near the end. Glitter & Ash itchy croones its way into stitched folds of the heaviest of drummed drape whilst opening number Acid Rain sounds as glimmering wedged inside a pair of headphones as it would drooled at roared volume over sands of harmonious burning. You know those flames sprawled across the side bonnet of a lust worthy Hot Wheels racer- that’s what this is, but grown-up, better and with deathlier spark. 

And then there’s Hypothalmus Blues. Ten minutes of near-total instrumentals and utterly indulgent, golden rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Oh we’re screaming out for something real’ and it’s this release.

Words by Al Mills

Friday 13th September - Rialto Theatre, Brighton - Album Launch
Monday 16th September - The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Wednesday 18th September - The Washington, Sheffield
Friday 20th September - Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Saturday 21st September - Big Hands Bar, Manchester
Sunday 22nd September - The Ferret, Preston
Monday 23rd September - Livebar, Warrington
Tuesday 24th September - Jimmy's, Liverpool
Friday 27th September - Werkhaus, London

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