COLORWAVE - 'Slip Away'

COLORWAVE share sensual and dark alt rock on ‘Slip Away’ taken from their determined debut album, ‘Nomads’.

’Slip Away’ chugs to life with hypnotic fumy bass notes and thumping percussion, slowly penetrated by spiky guitar tones and Ginny’s sensual, ominous vocal as the opening lyric my “mind it slips away, over time it slips away” pulling its listener into a twisted and conflicted journey of introspection. COLORWAVE set a thrillingly dank and grungy tone to the track, heaving with brooding, gnarly textures that chimes with intrigue courtesy of Flo and Jan on instrumentation.

Around the midway mark, the band switch to airy atmospherics providing space for dreamy reflection, drenching the vocal, lyrics and arrangements in hazy yet crunchy nostalgia. ‘Slip Away’ then builds into a hooky, noisy pop punk climax alongside the resounding mantra “we will not forget about this my friend”, seeing the band harmonise on the vocals in a rigid formation that almost feels robotic to truly hit the message home.

’Slip Away’ is taken from the band’s debut album ‘Nomads’ which is 10 excellent tracks inspired by the likes of Marmozets, Paramore and Biffy Clyro but exhibiting the band’s own exciting energy and vision, simultaneously feeling familiar yet also fresh. There’s a really nice balance between vivacious tunes and songs that brood with raw sentiment. An impassioned and brutally cathartic record rich in emotion and energy that shows off havoc and harmony in all the right places.

Words of Karla Harris