Joseph - 'Green Eyes'


‘Green Eyes’ is the new track exploding out of Portland, Oregon from Joseph. Joseph are a three-piece sister act bringing their own modern and dynamic sound to the folk-pop genre with passion and excitement. Their fourth studio album is due to be released on the 13th of September and ‘Green Eyes’ is the third single from the record.

You are hypnotically drawn into the song by the bassline coupled with the soft, folky vocals of the lead singer. As the backing vocals come in, the song builds up to a full voiced chorus that does not hold back from expressing the burning passion that can be felt beneath these lyrics. The band explain that the motive behind the track is, “You’re starting to sense this person slipping away from you and you explain how it’s ok if they’re questioning, but you feel certain and you’ll be right over here waiting for them to see what you see. This person is a much more confident and grounded person... she knows what she wants and she offers it with open hands.”

Many would agree that this track sounds fit for movie soundtrack and that is exactly what the band are going for. Their upcoming record, ‘Good Luck Kid’, is hailed as a road movie in album form, encapsulating a narrative of life-changing transformation. Through intimate and emotional storytelling, Joseph are going to be bringing a piece of themselves to their fans. They are embarking on an extensive tour this autumn, which includes a date at London’s Bush Hall.

Words by Max Herridge

November Live Dates
Friday 1st November - Arenberg, Antwerp, Belgium
Saturday 2nd November - Take Root Festival,Groningen, Netherlands
Sunday 3rd November - Paradiso Tuinzaal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monday 4th November - Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamberg, Germany
Wednesday 6th November - Frannz Club, Berlin, Germany
Thursday 7th November - Strom, Munich, Germany
Friday 8th November - Luxor, Cologne, Germany
Saturday 9th November - La Boule Noire, Paris, France
Monday 11th November - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (tickets)
Tuesday 12th November - Bush Hall, London (tickets)
Wednesday 13th November - Night People, Manchester (tickets)
Thursday 14th November - Broadcast, Glasgow (tickets)
Saturday 16th November - The Workman’s Club, Dublin, Ireland

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