Pizzagirl - 'dennis'

Pizzagirl - dennis Press Shot 1 (c) Ross Carrigan.jpg

Pizzagirl is the an artist creating his own brand of pop defined by his own rules. His look and sound have changed a lot since I last came across the artist, who had just released ‘Coffee Shop’. The sound, style and aesthetic of the music seem more defined and clearly heading in an interesting direction. 

The catchy upbeat rhythm of ‘dennis’ is something that you can’t help but subtly move your body to. The first section of the song is reminiscent of dancey indie pop at its best but then slowly morphs into a chorus where everything is rhymed with ‘dennis’. The track builds up to a mass of layers with all the elements coming together to truly make you wonder what genre this track really is. But does it matter? 

He describes this track as the ‘class clown’ of his debut pop album, ‘first timer’, which is due to be released on the 11th of October.

Words by Max Herridge

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