King Princess - 'Ain't Together'


If King Princess’s previous releases were a full face, new single ‘Ain’t Together’ would be the makeup wipe.

Stripped back and slightly more subdued than we’ve seen her before, Ain’t Together is an intimate portrayal of a conflict over semantics. Mikaela battles labelling her relationship, questioning the importance of doing so whilst making no excuses about her self-declared lack of ‘cool’ towards the lover. In a world of developing gender and sexuality politics, labels are everywhere- King Princess ponders such thoughts on this song.  

For all the vulnerability laid bare, this inner turmoil is contrasted by confident, assured vocals which float over melancholy strumming of a guitar and spacious drumming. Sonically, the track is gorgeous; a lullaby for the day dreamer, marshmallow gooey but not sweet and sickly. 

This is sophisticated pop music, oozing with promise and paving the way for a very exciting debut album ‘Cheap Queen’, much anticipated and coming this Autumn. 

Words by Jarrad Saul

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