Joel Baker - 'Harder To Fall'


‘Harder To Fall’ is one of those tracks that could well be remembered in years to come as the breakthrough song for singer-songwriter, Joel Baker

The rising artist brings together his soulful lyrics and a rhythmic drum beat to create this track of heartbreak and heartache. Giving his other tracks a listen, it is clear that he has his own style that we will expect to hear in all his new releases.  

His previous mixtape ‘Bag of Dreams’ and EP ‘The Dreamers’ racked up millions of streams and attracted the attention of the music industry across the world. It seems like this guy is a real character as he was discovered by Radio 1 bosses when he sent his demos into the station in embossed parliamentary envelopes, which makes sense considering he was a Labour Party speechwriter. 

I think Joel Baker is going to be an artist that we hear a lot of over the next year as he tests the boundaries of his musical talent. 

Words of Max Herridge