Ten Tonnes - 'G.I.V.E'

Hertford indie singer songwriter Ten Tonnes is back with his second release of 2018 with ‘G.I.V.E’ which is an exquisite pop tune.

Ten Tonnes a.k.a Ethan Barnett has a lot to live up too with his brother being George Ezra, but with tunes like ‘G.I.V.E’ Ten Tonnes he is most definitely causing a huge ripple himself. Ten Tonnes latest release is arguably his best yet and also the song in which you recognise the brilliant songwriter not just the talented live performer. Its first national airplay of ‘G.I.V.E’ was on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show & from only the first play the incredibly catchy chorus was already stuck in my head.  

The song is very strong lyrically, the lyrics are just right for the melody of the song & give it a really memorable fun pop tune feeling. ‘G.I.V.E’ focuses on still thinking about a previous partner & trying to carry on but still wanting them to give you love creating this cute stubbornness. ‘G.I.V.E’ has all the aspects to be a great song & has the ability to launch this brilliant young artists career onto a mainstream market. Ten Tonnes himself even said ‘This is my favourite tune I've written to date. I loved the recording process and I'm over the moon with it!’. 

Ten Tonnes has already released a string of unbelievable EP’s, featured on many popular festival line ups & also supporting Stereophonics on their arena tour. Now with the release ‘G.I.V.E’ Ten Tonnes career will only grow further.  

Words of Shaun Mulhern.