Spare Parts For Broken Hearts - 'Mush'

Photo Credit: Burcu Erim

Photo Credit: Burcu Erim

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts is the brain-child of Sarah Green. What started out in 2010 where the multi-instrumentalist and solo artist would be the singer and guitarist of the band, as well as occasionally switching it up for bass, earlier this year became the trio that is Spare Parts after she enlisted help from a long-time fan/bass player Jonny Cifuentes and her friend, Jessica Lankford, who plays drums.

The LA-based grunge trio have recently released ‘Mush’ which according to Green is “about feeling too much and feeling nothing at all about one thing.” This song really does transport you to the late 90’s and early 00’s with its signature minor-chord progression and powerful chorus. It must be said that a lot of new music sounds the same, these days, and there is something about music from a few decades ago that is truly timeless. Spare Parts are capturing this spirit.

Toward the end of the song, there is a pre-chorus that is almost like a re-imagining of Numb by Nirvana. The lethargy that comes from Green’s voice, paired with the pattern of the guitar solo, is undeniably grunge at its finest – and that’s without the obvious mirroring in the lyrics; “Soak it up, your medicine. Choke it up and get numb.”

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts have a residency at The Satellite in LA and will be playing every Monday, in October.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly