Mixtape Review: Not3s - 'Take Not3s II'


There’s a lot of good music coming out of the Brit rap scene now, and 2018 has given us such a rich wealth of talent in trap, afro bashment and RnB music that you’re spoilt for choice, and what makes Not3s’ new mixtape so good is that it mixes elements from so many styles it’s a struggle to find a favourite. “Take Not3s II” is the perfect summer record, featuring positive vibes and fresh beats. Songs like “Palm Wine” encapsulate the poolside chillout we all want to be a part of – soaked in Caribbean flavour and lyrics of love and passion.

Stressing Me” has some great sounds on it, with a thick beat that you can bounce to, all about a girl that’s too much trouble. It’s a perfect example of Not3s incorporating all the genres he works so well within, and his voice also comes over with such soul and feeling. Amongst the sun-drenched tracks the album is filled with, Not3s fierce tongue on “Nigerian Eagle” showcase what a great rapper he is, and the bass compliments his rhymes so well on the chorus. It’s a welcome break from the love and chill to focus on Not3s’ confidence as a rapper, and his ability to write empowering and lyrics good enough to scare others off.

Trekked Like Me” keeps the momentum going with a steady build up featuring some interesting instrumental choices such as a xylophone and an accordion, but again, Not3s and AJ Tracey who features on the track manage to own it.

There’s plenty to enjoy on this mixtape, and after Not3s first release last year it’s a strong follow-up, showing his maturity and talent to blend so many different genres into one fluid and cohesive mixtape. “Just Fine” has some old school 90s RnB vibes, and “Sit Back Down (featuring Maleek Berry)” has the afro bashment sound that’s so hot right now in the UK scene, adding to the impressive arsenal on show by Not3s, cementing a fine catalogue of music for the 20-year old.

If you’re into UK rap and want someone that pushes the boundaries of the genre, “Take Not3s II” is the perfect example. It’ll allow you to chill out and enjoy the summer feels or get down to the solid rap elements Not3s executes so well.

Words by Chris White