EP Review: The Swoons - 'Lost'

LA based trio The Swoons release their debut EP, ‘Lost’, comprised of seven lovely slices of pop-electronic goodness and one very special EP closer.

It’s been over two years since we as a blog were introduced to The Swoons off the back of their EDM leaning pop track, ‘Sabre’ (when the outfit were just a duo) and ‘Sabre’ sits at the centre mark of the EP as a nice representation of the band’s core sound. The EP opens with the band’s title track, thematically showing off a moving blend of melancholy, optimism and unwavering love, “Baby if you’re lost, let’s be lost together” amidst a buoyant blend of ambient pop, electronic and trap influences that ebbs and flows between a minimal and fuller sound.

’Novocaine’ brings the funk seeing the trio throw it back to a more soulful disco vibe, whereas ‘Balance’ delves into more progressive electronic influences without forgetting the lovely organic piano melody. This song is my favourite track on the EP that is not an instrumental (shh, we will get to that). ‘Plug’ also sees the band explore a variety of impressive electronic textures without ever overshadowing the depth and maturity of the band’s mature songwriting and the beautiful tone and emotion to the vocals present on seven of the tracks on the EP.

’Hungover Your Love’ sees the band storm in with a more determined and edgey, contemporary pop sound that would fit right in on any mainstream chart, followed by our old glacially cool friend, ‘Marilyn’ (feat. Johann Beach). However, The Swoons close the EP in a whole new direction with contemporary classical piano cut ‘Serein’ that sounds as magical as its name suggests; like rain falling from a dark, cloudless sky. It’s an incredibly touching outro to an EP whose core themes revolve around love, perseverance, exploration of feelings and consequential heartache; allowing its listener to drink in the intrinsic emotion of this tenderly and vividly crafted EP to our own wordless soundscape.

Words of Karla Harris