EP Review: Seafret - 'Monsters'


A light yet dark sound, melodious and profound words – Seafret once again sway our minds away into their universe with new EP ‘Monsters’.

Starting with ‘Monsters’, we're immediately feeling the EP's deep ambience. Jack Sedman plays with the octave, climbing it up and down with no difficulty, while guitarist Harry Draper's usual energy remains unchanged. From the duo emanates a strong musical identity - which has been present since their very beginning, but become slightly darker if anything, indicating the core of a well-thought and personal artistic manoeuvre.

The four songs each have something different in them to show what the band can do and, most importantly, concocts for their second studio album. ‘Monsters’, while heavier, and ‘Bad Blood’ are both dark-indie sounding, ‘Can't Get Enough’ acts like the pop piece of the EP, and ‘Heartless’ is the inevitable emotional ballad of the recording. 

The EP stays in the lane of Seafret's unique indie musicality and offers fresh new titles to their discography. It sure is a safe bet, but not disappointing as it feels like we can never get enough of the band.

Words of Aggie Lemm