Keuning - 'Prismism'

Dave Keuning pushes the boundaries and experiments with a wide range of delightful sounds on ‘Prismism’ his new solo project away from The Killers.

‘Prismism’ is a dynamic album which keeps you gripped with every song, each song is a different melodic experiment. The album contains a lot of synth pop, desert rock and electronic music which are all brought together to create this wonderful body of work. There are very much similarities to The Killers music but from ‘Prismism’ we are able to witness Keuning’s underrated songwriting and individual creative spark. 

The album opens with single ‘Boat Accident’ which is a very upbeat 80s new wave tune showing off a great blend of rock and pop. The album continues with ‘The Night’ and his current single, ‘The Queen’s Finest’ which both showcase Keuning’s fantastic songwriting and his ability to write a memorable chorus. As the album develops you get to hear more of the experimental side to the album which is so refreshing because it’s lovely to see Keuning’s open approach to this body of work. The title track ‘Prismism’ & ’Stuck Here On Earth’ really show Keuning experimenting with more electronic sounds which provide excellent additions to the album. 

In terms of debut albums, ‘Prismism’ is a real triumph and it’s divine to see Keuning step away from his role as lead guitarist in The Killers to becoming the leading man.

Words of Shaun Mulhern

Prismism’ is out now via Thirty Tigers