DOV - 'Be Your Lover'

 Electronic artist DOV  follows up his debut track, ‘Save’ with the brooding and inquisitive title track from his forthcoming EP, ‘Be Your Lover’ .

DOV’s music is so densely and imaginatively crafted, each track becomes its own curious, living, entity crawling with life. Some of the textures take his listener into the realms of fantasy and if you remove the vocals and lyrics from this piece, the track becomes the perfect retro soundtrack to accompany a big beastly, otherworldly encounter in hit TV shows like Stranger Things.

But the song is about much more than conjuring images of the mystique. The track broods and crawls with intimacy and taps into the sadder, uncomfortable experiences of the human condition and the complexities of love. The eerie textures on the track are juxtaposed by an air of reverie and romanticism as, ‘Be Your Lover’ thematically looks at falling in love with someone in a different country, pondering how that love can exist or become a reality when two people are an ocean apart. That feeling of exploring new territory, not just in terms of physical space and place, but in terms of another person and falling in love with another soul is reflected in the track’s synth as DOV’s situation becomes foreign to him in several different ways.

Love can seem almost hostile and something to be suspicious of as new lovers choose whether or not they put their guards down and give in to those feelings or choose self preservation. This is a definitely harder decision to make when you have to factor in the sacrifices that are necessary in making long distance relationships work, as DOV explains; ‘Be Your Lover’ is about “that strong feeling of losing something you never actually had, that potential to meet someone, fall in love, then ask yourself if you should leave everything behind and take that leap to be with them".

Ultimately ‘Be Your Lover’ finds resolution in letting go. DOV allows the song space to reflect and heal by breaking it into sections of narrative and lyric free interludes. In crafting electronic music which parallels real, deep, lyrical themes with otherworldly and explorative sonic textures, DOV is creating his own curious space, not only for himself, but for his listeners to confront the pains and injustices of life, while simultaneously providing a space to retreat from them.

Words of Karla Harris