EP Review: Osquello - 'Good Morning Simulation'

Osquello Main Shot.JPG

Alternative hip hop artist Osquello has release his debut EP “Good Morning Simulation” this January, it’s an incredible body of work which focuses on the concept of living in a simulation and being isolated in a world that is becoming more and more interconnected. The release of Osquello’s debut EP comes hot on the heels of his latest single, “Finding Peace”, a song about tackling the darker moments in Osquello’s own life and finding a way to rise above them.

“Good Morning Simulation” is a magnificent seven track EP which takes obstacles like battling mental illness and flips it into this beautiful and positive soundtrack, produced to a very high standard. The overall feel of the EP is eclectic and emotive, seeing Osquello pull from influences such as Jazz, R&B, rhythm and hip hop storytelling to create a fresh, forward thinking sound. EP opener, “Enter Simulation” is an instrumental piece showcasing new imaginative sounds which is the perfect way to set the tone of the EP. Single’s “Simulated Void” and “Finding Peace” showcase Osquello’s soothing vocals and exquisite songwriting which really is emotional and elating.

For me, the highlight of “Good Morning Simulation” is track five, “Between Me & You” as it emphasizes all of Osquello’s qualities as a hip hop artist, but there’s also a roughness to the song which makes it imperfectly perfect. Considering that Osquello is only nineteen years old, it’s inspiring to see this level of maturity from one of London’s brightest emerging talents, who should definitely be on your radar this year.

Words by Shaun Mulhern