EP Review: wars - 'As Within /// So Without'

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mccord

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mccord

Wars are embarking on a ‘new era’ and this starts with their brand new EP “As Within /// So Without”. The name may be taken from the Greek God Hermes, who represents travel and transitions but this EP is closer to Zeus, God of Thunder.

‘As Within /// So Without’ starts as it means to go on with the beautifully intense ‘Scorn And Fidelity’. The heavy bass in this song will leave you head banging uncontrollably as everyone on the 233 bus to the city centre wonders what’s wrong with you? But it’s worth it. However ‘Scorn And Fidelity’ isn’t just a destructive backing track, the vocals from lead singer Rob Vicars add lighting to the thunder making this song a true gladiator of The Colosseum. Next up on the EP is ‘Little Death’. Wars got the chance to perform this song to a sold out Wembley crowd as the opener for a Progress Wrestling event after winning a Metal Hammer competition, involving over a hundred and thirty bands to find the official theme song for their first ever Wembley event. The five thousands die hard wrestling fans were certainly in for a treat and ‘Little Death’ certainly would of got their blood pumping for the show as the song hits harder than a Trent Seven chop to the chest. Vicars once again provides some psycho killer vocals that help to carry this song to the three count. This continues through ‘On Being More’. However this song has a higher focus on weaponized drops throughout, with the song hitting you with drop after drop, which is sure to make it a live show barnstormer. Finally we have ‘In A Mirror, Dimily’. This song debuted on Daniel P. Carter’s Radio One Rock show and it’s easy to see why as this by far my favourite song on this EP. “In A Mirror, Dimily” bears many similarities to American outfit Of Mice And Men. The dark and powerful verses build up spectacularly to a chorus you want to scream at full pelt.

Words by Alfie Drake

The EP ‘As Within /// So Without’ out now on A Wolf At Your Door Records