EP Review: Heavy Lungs – 'Measure'

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They might be known for being being best mates with IDLES, but Heavy Lungs are an outstanding band in their own right.

Heavy Lungs have succeeded in delivering “most ambitious work yet” with their latest EP release Measure. The EP delves into the “undeniable importance of self-worth.” In doing so, Heavy Lungs have created a body of work that is self-reflective, but most of all, human.

Opener ‘Half Full’ begins with an almost atmospheric intro that fades in and builds with intensity, especially as the Morse code bleeps come in. Following this, Heavy Lungs go full throttle with primitive raw power. ‘Half Full’ certainly sets the tone for Measure. ‘Self-Worth’ is a proper heavy metal punk power rock riffing that exhibits a syncopated cymbal pattern that drops in sporadically that enhances the ferocity. ‘T.O.T.B.’ takes things back a bit momentarily with a sliding arpeggic riff and simple drum beat. But this doesn’t last long before the discordant notes make an appearance. To be fair, the chorus is very catchy, probably the most radio friendly. Don’t get too comfortable, as any illusion of stability is eradicated by the solo entirely made up of noise and feedback. 

Lead single ‘(A bit of a) Birthday is the stand out track. It starts with electronic sounding drums followed by a sludge stoner riff. This could be a Kyuss song, but better. Danny Nedelko’s vocals are brilliant. He delivers humorous lines such as “Don’t wanna be your birthday boy/…/Forget the card, just give me the money” “Give me the knife and let’s cut the shit/I can’t wait until next year” with animosity and sarcasm. Final track ‘Pacemaker’ is a bit of a bizarre one. The drums don’t seem to take off initially, but instead build like a revving engine, and Nedelko wails from the off like a psychotic. It’s odd, full of weirdness – it’s great. But the really interesting part is the outro. Measure ends as it began, with an atmospheric, almost psychedelic feel and sound.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst

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