KYENORD - 'Skin'

Dreampop duo KYENORD take a haunting look at human desire and loneliness on ,‘Skin’, the second single taken from their current EP, ‘Mellow Drama’.

is the project of musicians Mohamed Tarek hailing from Egypt and Swedish born artist Linn Östlund who have cultivated a dreamy indie rock sound built on moody, ambient aesthetics. Clocking in at almost six minutes, ‘Skin’ opens spaciously with subtle chimes before introducing atmospheric guitar work and an enticing vocal seeped in melancholia as Östlund candidly whispers, “we’re just two strangers scared to be alone, let’s not pretend to be something we’re not'“.

While initially desolate, ‘Skin’ soon tumbles into rich and intriguing layers of dreamy synth and airy percussive textures executing a peculiar assault on the senses, simultaneously channeling warmth and eeriness as KYENORD thematically explore sins of the flesh, longing and loneliness with a smouldering sophistication.

KYENORD have meticulously crafted ‘Skin’ to carry a contemporary indie rock/indie electronic ethos that would appeal to fans of Daughter and EX:RE as well as filtering smouldering 80s synth influences and mellow trip hop vibes through the track. it’s an intricate, multi-mood song with emotionally abundant storytelling and explorative instrumental breaks that sonically soothes and startles in all the right places.

Words of Karla Harris