Wy - 'Pavements'


Swedish duo Wy’s raw and compelling new single ‘Pavements’ has a dazzling immediacy to it that drills into your eardrums from the first listen.

Frontwoman Ebba Gustafsson Agren’s vocals have a visceral quality to them right from the off, grabbing your attention in a vice-like grip. Once her long term partner and bandmate Michel’s guitar crashes in over the juddering synth line for the chorus, the song builds into a thrilling, goosebump inducing piece of post-punk soul-baring. The peak makes you want to jump around and cry and fight all at once, in a whirling maelstrom of sweat, snot and tears.

The self-directed video, inspired by an off the cuff comment by friend and co-writer Joakim Lindberg that the song sounded like someone punching, reflects this sense of vulnerability and violence. Ebba shadow punches in black and white, screaming her lyrics into the camera whilst staring down the barrel of the lens with an arresting, confrontational gaze.

The lyrics are direct and unapologetic, wrestling with the notion of how to be truly present and including the biting line “My depression is a weapon, it’s the only thing that makes me feel here”. It’s an exciting return for the duo, the first taste of new material since last year’s debut album ‘Okay’. With this latest offering they’ve managed to capture an enticing grittiness that strokes your hair as it punches you in the gut.  

Words by Hattie Long