No/Me - 'Savior'

Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter No/Me returns with her electrifying, empowering new single ‘Savior’ out now on Republic Records.

No/Me follows up her debut single ‘Consistent’ with ‘Savior’ - a brooding cut of sultry, dark, alternative pop that shares the empowering message of self-reliance and independence. ‘Savior’ introduces itself through bold, moody bass and twinkly worldly textures, creating an intoxicating smog of sound that feels fresh and revitalising.

No/Me’s captivating vocal shivers with confidence, attitude and sincerity as No/Me explains the underlying message of the song, “‘Savior’ is all about empowerment. I feel like we—especially women—are taught to rely on others to attain happiness. We're told we need a perfect partner to in order to feel fulfilled, we need to kiss up to powerful businessmen in order to get our dream jobs—fuck that”. This rebellion is very poignantly heard in the thought-provoking lyrics, ”fuck the fairy tales and your princess dreams, Imma give you hell like a killer queen” subverting the heteronormative and gender specific stereotypes many little girls are conditioned to believe in.

No/Me combines 90s alt rock attitudes, with contemporary, forward thinking pop and even changes the dynamics in the second half of the song to a stripped and quirky anti-folk arrangement balancing dark, gritty, dynamics with a gentler, dreamy mystique and the track goes out on a huge, enlightening motivational high. Continuing on the theme of the song No/Me explains, “I really believe that if you set your mind to something you can reach your goal without leaning on others. Community is important, but in order to be able to contribute, we need to be strong and take care of ourselves so we can give our best”.

My favourite thing about No/Me’s music is that it doesn’t care about being stereotypically “pretty” both thematically and sonically. This allows No/Me to explore so many intriguing textures and influences to create fearless, exciting, tracks that are aesthetically pleasing - but in their own way, with their own personality and a lot to say. No/Me tackles the darker, edgier gutsier side of music with allure, integrity, accessibility and huge spirit. Give ‘Savior’ a play below!

Words of Karla Harris