The Wild State - 'Youth'

Photo credit: Mike Massaro

Photo credit: Mike Massaro

Brighton band The Wild State deliver a stunning cut of orchestral indie rock on new single, ‘Youth’.

’Youth’ is one of those rare songs that feels like something incredibly special is happening from the second you press play. It’s hard to explain why we connect with some songs and not others. But I’ve always found songs that make use of orchestral aesthetics tend to evoke an intuitive and emotional response in a way quite unlike anything else in music.

It’s not often that I have such fierce knee-jerk reactions to music where I’m fully committed before I’ve even heard the vocal, but this happened here. Produced by Peter Katis (The National, Frightened Rabbit, Interpol) ‘Youth’ is extraordinary in its entirety. Led by a brooding vocal, and complimented by gorgeous vocal harmonies, ‘Youth’ combines a multitude of moods from melancholia, to sentimental. There’s longing, love, vulnerability and just pure magic lighting up every aspect of the production.

’Youth’ marks the second song to be released from The Wild Youth , following in the footsteps of retro-tinged single, ‘Air Runs Out’. The Wild State are wasting no time in getting their sound out there, with their debut album looking likely to drop in May via US independent label Beverly Martel. I’m already confident enough to call it that this upcoming release will be one of my favourite records of the year.

Words of Karla Harris