Heavy Heart - 'Dowsabel'

Photo credit: Chiara Ceccaioni.jpg

Heavy Heart are back with another mesmeric cut of earnest alternative rock on new single, ‘Dowsabel’.

I was introduced to Heavy Heart’s music when I reviewed their single ‘Bed Bug’ back in January of this year and I was instantly hooked by their impressively heartfelt songwriting. Heavy Heart’s new single ‘Dowsabel’ is no exception and will have you hitting the replay button over and over. I love how Heavy Heart appear to think carefully about their songwriting and that no egos are taking over, seeing each member’s input as equal.

The vocals by Anna Vincent are consistently strong throughout with beautiful harmonies to add that extra oomph to the already blinding music. The lyrical content is sombre and gives you “the feels” but tells the story well! With a twist of modern alt rock and a sound reminiscent of Radiohead’s more commercial tracks, the production on Dowsabel is incredible, worked on by Patrick Fitzroy and Gabe Wax.

I’m really looking forward to seeing an album come out and let’s hope that it will be sooner rather than later! I am yet to see Heavy Heart live but if you are close to London on April 16th they will be performing at Camden Assembly. I strongly suggest that you get yourself down to the show!

Words of Pete Herbert