The Good Water - 'Colours'

Birmingham psych-rockers The Good Water take their listener on a hallucinatory journey across space and time on their new single, ‘Colours’.

’Colours’ is comprised of feel-good, swirling, sunshine psych pop melodies . On the track frontman Rob Clements say “This song is all about obscuring reality whenever possible, and the inevitability of being humbled by our oneness with the universe”. Therefore, ‘Colours’ feels floaty, light and experimental. But lead singer Rob Clements captivating lyrical delivery and the solid percussive rhythm on the track offer an anchor so the listener doesn’t feel too lost in the escapism the track provides.

While The Good Water are clearly influenced by bands like The Beach Boys and The Beatles, there’s also a contemporary feeling to ‘Colours’ that makes it feel timeless and effortlessly enjoyable. I’m actually not a fan of most 60s music or psych influences - but I also believe there’s an exception to every rule and this time, The Good Water are my exception.

Words of Karla Harris