Club Paradise - 'Kirby Keger'


Club Paradise perfectly capture the feel of the 1980s with their third single ‘Kirby Keger’.

This Newcastle-based band have come on leaps and bounds since their debut single last July, quickly defining their sound and swiftly gaining admiration and hype stretching beyond the local bands and fans alike. This four-piece consisting of school friends Ryan Young, Jackson Vert, Harry Webb, and Nathan Hogg have garnered attention from the likes of Clash Magazine and Shortlist, with the latter placing ‘Sugar’ as one of their best songs of 2018.

Live performances are thankfully becoming a lot more frequent for this band after a large gap between their debut performance and their launch party for ‘Sugar’, since then they’ve played high profile support slots for the likes of Larkins, Saint Raymond, and for St Buryan and Vistas going forward.

Having tracked their rise since their debut show at Newcastle’s Riverside, I have no hesitation in saying that this band are one of the North East’s biggest prospects.

Their sound and live show are on par with bands with much more experience than them, and ‘Kirby Keger’ will once again take them up another level. The song is heavily influenced by the film ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ with the title taken from the film’s main character, with synths and dream-like guitar solos straight out of the 80s.

Kirby Keger’s lyrics are a story within itself, finding escapism from a mundane reality and what the band confidently brand as a "fuck it" moment, justifying your actions in an unselfish attempt to better yourself.  

‘Kirby Keger’ is available now on all major streaming platforms, Club Paradise will support St Buryan at Think Tank? on April 27th.

Words by Danial Kennedy