Walking Bicycles - 'Dumbshit Never Learns'

More menacing doom pop from Chicago’s Walking Bicycles in new single, ‘Dumb Shit Never Learns’.

‘Dumb Shit Never Learns’ is the second single release ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Chooch’. It’s a doom-laden sludge piece – the guitar drones like a swarm of bees on the attack and the drums stomp like an iron man. It’s hypnotic. There’s an element of aggression and violence in the lyrics (“And that little motherfucker pulls a six gun from behind”) as Jocelyn Summers calls out the conservative Fountainhead Movement in ‘Dumb Shit…’. And I like the fact the title is what it is with a swear word – it demonstrates perfectly the fuck you attitude Walking Bicycles have.

But what is interesting is this is contrasted against a short middle section/outro that is almost dream-like, especially from the chiming guitars. It’s a bit Sonic Youth-esque. All in all, Walking Bicycles have released yet another great single and everybody should get their hands on a copy of ‘Chooch’.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst