Album Review: Bear's Den - 'So That You Might Hear Me'


The lifeblood of the band, Kevin Jones and Andrew Davies, have had little time to reflect on their various successes between the release of Ivor Novello award- nominated debut ‘Islands’ and 2016 release ‘Red Earth’. For their third album, the band have taken the time to step back and refocus. ‘So that you might hear me’ retains their iconic acoustic sound while enveloping piano arrangements, more electric guitars, drum machines, horns and and it is expansive, ambitious, and stunningly beautiful. Lifted and tweaked from the title of a poem by Pablo Neruda - ‘So That You Will Hear Me’ - the title offers hope of reconnection even if all seems lost. Highlights include ‘Hiding Bottles’ an ambitious, rock-centric song about Andrew’s relationship with a family member struggling with alcohol addiction. ’Breaker / Keeper’ is beautifully uplifting and about a close friend’s struggles with mental health, and contemplative and intimate

‘Blankets of Sorrow’, a hauntingly melodic track exploring the idea of familial love through pastoral and natural imagery. This is an album reflecting a band changed by their experiences; it’s uplifting, upbeat and unapologeticallyursine.

Words by James O’Sullivan