EP Review: Peakes - 'Absent In Person'


Leeds based indietronica outfit Peakes air their anxieties and their knack for a hook on the ‘Absent In Person’ EP. Recent single, depression bop ‘Hole In The Floor’, engages with a deep sense of hopelessness (embodied by the titular hole in the floor of their room) even as it soars with delicious pop melodies and bubbling synth arpeggios. The contrast emphasising rather than undermining the message, crafting the image of someone who appears fine but behind closed doors is suffering in a deep well of sadness.

‘It’s Not The Worst’ has a more pensive turn, with atmospheric synths building into a glorious technicolour. Qualifying a disappointment in a relationship with “it’s not the worst”, the song’s more jazz inflected melodies bring to mind the likes of Alice Phoebe Lou’s particular brand of celestial soul songwriting.

‘Til We Get Enough’ closes proceedings with an enticing beat and downright sexy bassline. “Fill us with the rush, til we get enough” coo the band, urging someone to “keep us satisfied, bring us back to life”. Bleeping synths wobble and wind around the tight groove, gradually expanding into a delightful cacophony. It’s a side to Peakes we’ve not seen before and it’ll be exciting to see what new leaf they unfurl next.

Words by Hattie Long