Cerian - 'Caught in the Dark'

Cerian shares another cut of elegant ethereal folk-pop on ‘Caught in the Dark’, the title track from her upcoming EP.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Seasons’, ‘Caught in the Dark’ is the third song to be revealed from Cerian’s upcoming debut EP which Cerian, a lifelong insomniac, describes as “a series of songs written in the middle of the night”. Similarly to ’Seasons’, ‘Caught in the Dark’ sees Cerian draw upon haunting folklore influences, which provides a beguiling witching hour feeling to the song and there is endless charm to her hushed, classic vocal delivery.

’Caught in the Dark’ also retains a contemporary sensibility as the track navigates away from its minimalist bones to reach its elegant cinematic build. Cerian’s vocal become more powerful and impassioned, showing off her range perfectly alongside the smouldering production as Cerian emotively laments the mantra, ‘in the cold, in the dark, in the night, my love, we learn to fight, my love, to make it light, my love”.

Cerian has incredible control over her vocal, knowing when to experiment with her range and when to refrain, teasing her listener with subtle theatrics and suspense without feeling like she is trying too hard. Her songs leave a lot of breathing space and this space allows her listener to connect with her profound and personal lyrics on an intrinsically emotional level, and that’s a very lovely thing. This is the kind of song you can imagine being synced to some kind of supernatural TV show where there’s transformation and the hero is gearing up to take control of their destiny and do something spectacular! I guess that is also an apt description for what Cerian has done with this EP, as we know it so far.

Words of Karla Harris