All The Rest - 'Our Youth'

All The Rest release upbeat synth-pop infused track, ‘Our Youth’, appealing to anyone trying to figure out who they are, or feeling a little bit lost in life.

I’m quite fussy about enjoying music that draws influences from the 80s. For me, a lot of music that is inspired by the synth-pop / post-punk genres takes these influences and runs with them in a way that feels too much like imitation to be original. However, what All The Rest have done with ‘Our Youth’ is taken the familiar arrangements and huge catchy 80s style hooks, but added a contemporary forward thinking twist that is representative of the current musical times we are living in, and it’s put a huge smile on my face.

’Our Youth’ is effortlessly likeable. It broods in all the right places while remaining playful and upbeat. But it also blurs the line between fun and thought provoking. It’s lyrical content holds a depth to it that is relatable and reassuring ,“for anyone who doesn't quite have their life together. Very rarely do we learn from any mistakes other than our own. Sometimes we make a mess, but that's just how it goes”.

Our Youth’ sees All The Rest bring a much needed blast of fresh inspiration to the retro-inspired electro-pop scene.

Words of Karla Harris