LIFE - 'Moral Fibre'

Photo Credit: MATT MOLSON

Photo Credit: MATT MOLSON

LIFE release the explosive first single ‘Moral Fibre’ ahead of their sophomore album.

‘Moral Fibre’ is 97 seconds of pure art punk pop fury. Mez Green attacks the “music industry” and “those that trade in fair-trade cocaine” in a tongue-in-cheek approach, not dissimilar to Mark E. Smith.

Beginning with a high-pitched screech, like a dog whistle for human ears, and a train-like drum roll, LIFE explode into a chorus of ‘Pissants – woo!’ It’s hard to not get hooked straight away. It’s a wall of dirty power chords and furious power. In the verse, you can hear Mez’s sarcastic delivery in the lines: ‘I love backroom labels/…/I love your moral fibre’. It’s brilliant. LIFE are a band you take seriously in their sound and lyrics, but you know there is a sense of humour underlying it, which a lot of bands seem to lack.

LIFE are loud, witty and execute with style, and they know how to write a memorable hook. These will be ones to watch out for.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst