Album Review: JAWS - 'The Ceiling'


The wait is over, the indie staples JAWS have returned with their third album ‘The Ceiling’ and it’s the most ambitious effort from the band to date. The Birmingham trio have built their reputation over the years as one of the most ambitious and respected indie bands, with the follow up to 2016's ‘Simplicity' looking to take them to another level. Their staple alternative rock sound still remains throughout ‘The Ceiling’, with the singles ‘Do You Remember?’, and ‘Driving At Night’ giving the fans a sense of familiarity, along with album tracks such as ‘Please Be Kind’ and the title track solidifying that fact. Beyond that, JAWS begin to tap into unknown territory for the dream pop trio, with ‘Fear’ a prime example of their experimentation with heavy dance influences, as well as ‘January’ which adopts a more acoustic sound, making sure there is something for everyone on ‘The Ceiling’.

You can hear the effort and the ambition that has been placed into ‘The Ceiling’ by JAWS, but it is down to personal preference if you believe that this is their best album yet. I would say it is certainly their most accessible yet, as it explores multi-genres, and will certainly be an album that will define this band’s already coveted catalogue.

Words by Danial Kennedy