Quelche - 'The Leaves Fall'

Quelche takes his listener on a profound journey in his beautiful contemporary classical composition, ‘The Leaves Fall’.

I’m a big fan of contemporary classical music that makes me feel emotional even if i’m not necessarily sad and Quelche’s ‘The Leaves Fall’ is a touching example of the evocative power of instrumental songs. There’s a melancholy here, as stunning strings call out among subtle ambient textures and gentle piano notes.But as the track builds and becomes increasingly more orchestral, lighter more hopeful textures join the composition to rally against the melancholy and it feels like Quelche has taken his listener on a transformative journey of loss and growth and rebirth.

Firstly Quelche mourns the changing of seasons, the falling of leaves, before coming back round to celebrate that like nature, change is cyclical, seeing good things leave, and good things come back around. For it is the bittersweet quality of the human condition that constantly throughout our lives we most grieve for, and let go of, old circumstances to move forward and embrace new possibilities.

Words of Karla Harris