Album Review: The Amazons - 'Future Dust'


The Amazons have been busy the last few years. From touring the first album across the globe, playing the main stages at all major festivals as well as to countless admirations from the industry and people alike, stating that The Amazons are here to save rock an roll.

Big expectations of course fall on shoulders as after their initial success, the band release their highly anticipated second record, 'Future Dust'. Utilizing the services of producer, Catherine Marks, who worked on the first album, there is a grander, darker feel to 'Future Dust'.

As soon as the drum intro starts on their first single release from the record, 'Mother', the excitement hits fever pitch as it teases and opens it arms wide to when that riff bursts into existence making all your hairs stand on end with a familiar yet disguised glee. A glorious start to the album, 'Mother' feeds off a heavier entity, assuring you that the band want to lead us down a slightly different path.

The heavier theme continues throughout the album with tracks such as 'Fuzzy Tree'. A hard, flowing rocking number with gliding vocals and that riff will have your head banging. '25' has just been released as a single and focuses on lead singer Matt Thomson's personal confusion of where he was at in life before he turned 25. Theres a maturity to Matt's vocals on this record and '25' showcases this brilliantly.

You are allowed to breathe as, 'The mire', a short instrumental build up introduces the fantastic 'Doubt it'. The 2nd release from the album, 'Doubt it' is a feast of gliding guitars, solos and structured mayhem. An absolute gem of a song, 'Doubt it' will have you singing that chorus again and again while trying to mimic those falsetto backing vocals. 'All over town' is reminiscent of the first record, triggering fond memories with its slower pace but still sounds as huge and engaging leaving you wishing this may end up as a single.

Your back on the heavier train as 'End of wonder' unleashes a wonderfully confident drum line and those guitars hum and soar. Structurally sound and anthemic 'End of wonder' is another staple on the record coaxing you into the almost old school rock vibe that the next track 'Dark visions' oozes. An epic chorus and the bands need to present their change in direction swim through this track before your treated to a delicious toned down version of '25'..'25 reprise'. Matt's vocal is soft and mature on top of a thoughtful and beautiful backline.

'Future dust' ends on a high. Melodic effortless choruses and a groove you cant shake. 'Warning sign' can only be described as another corker of a song. How many possible singles?! Your last breath is a delicate eerie experience in the shape of 'Georgia'. Bluesy guitars echoing an americana flavour, 'Georgia' is beautiful but still possesses the raw, wonderfully grimy energy.

To say The Amazons are here to save rock an roll is too much to bare for any band and not fair. Personally I think they are here to keep it growing and be inspirational to others that the fundamentals of rock - riffs, guitar solos, vocal melody and ultimately enjoying what you do is still very much alive and drumming. 

Future Dust is available from the 24th May via Fiction Records and there is no doubt that from this record 'The Amazons' should now be rightfully one of the biggest rock bands on the planet.

Words by Olly Dean